2012 USAID at Queen’s University

From July 2 – 27, 2012, Queen’s University hosted the Program on Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for 18 professional staff of the US State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID).

The USAID’s CBA course was a tailored version of the Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis (PIAR), with theory and case work related to the needs of current USAID missions. We were fortunate to have officials from the following missions: Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Armenia, Uganda, Guinea, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Inside the classroom, some of the highlights were seminars conducted by distinguished lecturers, such as Al Harberger of UCLA, and Lora Sabin from the Boston University of Public Health. Memorable moments outside the classroom were the Kingston 1000 Islands Cruise, socials with the participants from PIAR, and the Niagara Falls trip.

With outstanding reviews, we are excited to announce that the USAID program has been approved to be repeated again in 2013. Thank you again to all the participants of the 2012 USAID program, it was a pleasure having you join us at Queen’s University.

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