Training of Trainers Program Stream

John Deutsch International is excited to announce the launching of a new stream called Training of Trainers (TOT), offered exclusively to professionals who have previously undergone executive training in investment appraisal.

The purpose of this path is twofold. First, it allows alumni to further develop their operational skills to confidently conduct financial, economic, risk and stakeholder evaluations of investments. Second, it enables them to acquire the expertise to educate others in this field.

How TOT works

Those in the TOT stream will join regular PIAR participants for lectures, however are responsible for different casework. Faculty will work closely with the participants to complete a  thorough feasibility study, preferably of a current project from their home office. It is recommended (but not necessary) that participants have a project in advance so that faculty can ensure all the required information for the project is available.

Many governments and organizations have found TOT to be an ideal step towards building local capacity for training on investment appraisal. In addition, it enables participants to interact with the alumni base and initiate future collaborations.

For alumni interested in applying for TOT, please select the “Training of Trainers” stream on our application form. We look forward to seeing you back at Queen’s University.

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