Recent Activities in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean

Over the past 5 months, JDInt’l associates have been involved in technical assistance and capacity building efforts in Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Haiti, Kenya, Senegal, Rwanda, Liberia, and Mali. Most of these activities fall under the World Bank or USAID programs.

Glenn Jenkins, Mikhail Miklyaev and Bahman Kashi with Alumni from Haiti in Port-au-Prince

The involvement of our associates have so far included:

  • Assessment of the public investment management (PIM) systems in Vietnam and Kazakhstan.
  • An inception trip to Haiti to kickstart a 2-year program including 8 training courses and evaluation of 4 public projects.
  • A mission to Kenya for the assessment of the public investment management (PIM) system, to be followed by two training programs.
  • Field visits to Senegal, Rwanda, and Liberia for the analysis of USAID funded Feed the Future Investments.

Our associates use the state-of-the-art techniques for project evaluation to deliver these assignment. Furthermore, the alumni network from these countries have made significant contributions to these missions and in the cases of Kenya and Haiti are directly involved in the project.

Bahman Kashi with alumni from Kenya and colleagues from the World Bank in Nairobi

We are pleased to have such a strong network of alumni who form a strong core in the government of every country we visit. In Kenya and Haiti, alumni gatherings were organized and potential trainers were identified to take part in the upcoming programs in these countries.

On other fronts, JDInt’l associates are contracted to deliver economic analysis services on a range of projects in the social sector for World Vision Canada, and capacity building programs for Inter-American Development Bank.