2019 Summer Programs Review

2019 PIAR
Participants and Faculty of the 2019 Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis

John Deutsch International at Queen’s University Economics Department successfully delivered it’s 20th state-of-the-art Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis this summer.

We were privileged to host 34 outstanding professionals from 9 countries. A number of these countries are now engaging in public investment management reforms. Members of the leadership in these reforms have come to PIAR to both learn the techniques of investment appraisal as well as strategically plan how to effectively implement the new investment management procedures. In total 8 individuals attended the PIAR training of trainers’ stream. The group consisted of 4 university professors who are setting up a center of excellence in this field within their university and four professionals engaged in enhancing their skills in integrated investment appraisal, they did this by completing appraisals of current investments under the consideration by their organization. The participants were from the following countries and organizations.

  • Development Finance Institution
    • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Cameroon
    • New African Global Energy Cameroon
  • Ghana
    • Ghana Highway Authority
    • Ghana Water Company Limited.
    • Ministry of Finance Public Investment Program Unit
    • University of Ghana
  • Niger
    • Niger Investment Board
  • Kenya
    • GIBB Africa Ltd.
    • The National Treasury
    • Public-Private Partnerships Petition Committee
  • South Africa
    • National Treasury
  • Tanzania
    • Ministry of Finance and Planning
  • Uganda
    • Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development
    • National Planning Authority
  • Graduate students from Queen’s University, Canada and Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus.

Facing the challenge of a rigorous curriculum, the participants were unfailingly diligent. Their outstanding performance set the bar high for future programs.

Some of the highlights this year included seminars conducted by distinguished guest lecturers, such as:

  • Professor Harberger of Department of Economics, UCLA.
  • Frank Milne, Bank of Montreal Professor of Economics and Finance Economics Department Queen’s University.
  • Hatice Jenkins, Senior Fellow John Deutsch International Queen’s University and Professor of Development Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus.
  • Migara Jayawardena a Lead Evaluation Officer for Infrastructure at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department (IEG).
  • Savvakis C. Savvides a former Senior Manager of the Cyprus Development Bank
  • Hanna Zowall, Health Economist from McGill University.

Moreover, outside the classroom, participants enjoyed recreational activities including the 1000 Islands Cruise, the BBQ at the home of Dr. Glenn Jenkins at Lake Sydenham, a trip to see  Niagara Falls and breakfast and luncheons with the faculty and staff of Queen’s Economics Department. With excellent program evaluation results, the participants unanimously recommended the program to their colleagues.

We want to thank our alumni and participants for making the 2019 Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis such a memorable and fruitful experience.

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Featured Testimonials from 2019 participants:

 Ashaba Hannington “This course has offered a significant contribution to my career in the public sector. Its emphasis on the use of economic criteria to public policy choices and decisions is what my country urgently needs at this critical path of its development trajectory.”
 Mr. Hannington Ashaba
Assistant Commissioner
Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, Uganda
2019 PIAR

Saint Kuttu“This is the best training program that I have attended so far. The amount of practical materials that I have been exposed to is priceless. I would highly recommend this program to my colleagues. This program is a must for all public sector workers and academics in Development Finance.”
Dr. Saint Kuttu
Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana
2019 PIAR – ToT

Ornissa Velayadum“The level of rigour and participation was exceptional, a combination of theoretical teachings and practical application. I would recommend this course to anyone working in this field.”
Ms. Ornissa Velayadum
Policy Analyst: Infrastructure Finance
National Treasury, South Africa
2019 PIAR

Thanks to all the participants and faculty again for making the 2019 PIAR so memorable.